You're wondering if you have ADHD? Complete this Adult ADHD questionnaire

The ASRS is an Adult ADHD questionnaire that provides you with an idea of whether or not you should seek diagnosis. It is by no means meant to replace proper diagnosis.

Other conditions resemble ADHD and so it is important to rule out these other conditions and to go through the appropriate diagnosis with a trained professional with ADHD expertise and who can administer diagnosis.

Many psychologists, psychiatrists and some general practice physicians are trained to provide diagnosis for ADHD. If when you complete this Adult ADHD questionnaire, you find that you seem to fit the criteria for ADHD (that is, four or more of your answers in Part A are located in the grey boxes), then bring a copy of the questionnaire with you when you seek diagnosis to help with the diagnostic process.

Click on the link below to download a pdf copy of the ASRS, adult ADHD questionnaire; print it, read the instructions and complete it.

Download the Adult ADHD Questionnaire by clicking the link below.

Download the Adult ADHD Questionnaire

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So, the Adult ADHD questionnaire indicates you may have ADHD. What now?

As mentioned before, the Adult ADHD questionnaire (Adult ADHD Self-Report Symptoms Checklist) should not replace a comprehensive diagnosis done by a health professional who has expertise in ADHD diagnosis. It is merely a tool to help you determine if you should seek diagnosis.

ADHD Diagnosis

A comprehensive diagnosis usually starts with a history of the patient's behavior as a child. Questionnaires and/or interviews with family members or close friends may also be included. ADHDers are notoriously poor self-observers and so the help of people close to you in your environment will help shed some light regarding behaviors.

Educational and psychological tests are also given to identify the possibility of comorbid conditions such as learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, affective disorders, and other conditions with symptoms similar to ADHD.

A physical examination by your physician may be required to rule out physical causes for ADHD-like symptoms such as thyroid problems.

The Value of Accurate Diagnosis

Many of the adults I speak to who have received an accurate diagnosis of ADHD mention feeling relieved that there is now a reason for their feeling the way they do. They've always known that something wasn't quite right but couldn't put a finger on it. Unfortunately, finding out when they are adult means that they may have experienced more difficult challenges and school failures than their peers, which can lead to their low self-esteem.

ADHD Treatment Options


Once diagnosed, adults with ADHD may want to speak to their physician about medications to treat ADHD. There are now more choices than ever before. Whether you opt or not for medication as part of your treatment plan; however, medications alone are rarely enough to help adults with ADHD achieve success in life.

They may need psychotherapy to overcome their feelings of failure, to get help with depression or anxiety disorder if these are also part of their diagnostic picture, or to cope with anger and regret they may feel about not having been diagnosed earlier.

The Importance of Education about ADHD

Education about ADHD to better understand it is necessary. If you don't know how you work, how can you adopt strategies that work for you? Another important step is education of your loved ones. It is often difficult for spouses and family members of ADHDers to understand how pervasive ADHD can be.

After all they receive the same mis-information everyone else does through the media. Their understanding about your ADHD challenges and how to best work with you to ensure harmony at home, at work and in social situations is very important. Information can be gathered through books, teleclasses and workshops specifically for adults with ADHD and their families.

So you can see that completing the adult ADHD questionnaire provided above is not enough to get the help you need, but it's a good first start if you think you may have ADHD.

Find out about teleclasses and workshops adapted specifically for adults with ADHD and their loved ones.

ADHD Coaching Works

Adults with ADHD also need to adopt strategies and structures in their lives to help them reduce and overcome some of the challenges of ADHD. It is the rare adult with ADHD who creates such strategies alone because of the lack of self-awareness most ADHDers are challenged with.

Help from a trained ADHD coach can provide adults with ADHD with help recognizing how the ADHD adult's own ADHD manifests itself and to develop strategies and structures to help with life skills.

Find out what ADHD Coaching can do to improve your quality of life as and ADHDer.